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I love being healthy and fit and I would love to help you get there as well. If you want to lose weight, know more about weight training, or become a bodybuilder, please contact me. I will advise you on nutrition and give you a fitness program that will be ideal for you. No one person has the same needs or will lose weight and build muscle in the same way. Each person requires a tailor-made program for best results.

My services are available to anyone who might want them even if you live in another country. I consult with you online and get all the necessary information through my tried and tested method. It is, of course, easier to work with you in person. Based on the information I gather, I set up an eating plan that will give you the necessary nutrients, protein, and calories to start getting results. I will also work out your own personal fitness and weight training program. Lastly, I will advise you whether you need to consider supplements or not and also on which ones will be best.

My service fees are $150 once-off for the consultation and eating and fitness programs. After that, it is $70 per hour of consultation or personal training and support. I take this journey on with you and I am available anytime to encourage and support you. Your triumphs are my triumphs and your difficult days will be easier with a friend.

If you want to start feeling and looking better, contact me today to start the first day of the rest of your amazing and fit life!

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